And we’re off…

When I first learned about Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen game in September 2012 — before we even knew it was going to be Squadron 42 and Star Citizen — I was hooked. I have very distinct and very fond memories of the Wing Commander series, particularly WC-3.

When CR (If you’re reading this, Mr. Roberts, I hope you don’t mind the ‘CR’ abbreviation!) announced he was creating a persistent world with a full-fledged economy, I went from being hooked to hopelessly hooked.

I’ve been fascinated with markets and the economy since I was seven or eight, reading the business section of the paper upside down across the table from my Dad. This fascination carried through to my career — particularly my co-founding of a best-in-class university undergraduate entrepreneurship program and over a decade of trying to untangle the stock market for individual investors as an independent analyst and market commentator.

The prospect of creating an economy from scratch, and influencing how that economy grows and evolves as a player in the Star Citizen universe, is simply irresistable. I’ve created this blog as a place to air my views and spur a discussion dedicated to the Star Citizen game economy.

I firmly believe that CR’s attention to detail and ability to craft a story will attract hundreds of thousands of players to the SC and S42 universes. The only thing that will make them stay is a robust game economy unlike anything we have seen thus far.

It’s the success or failure of the game economy, in fact, that will determine the success or failure of Cloud Imperium as a business over the long term.That is my other motivation for writing this blog — I want to enjoy the Star Citizen universe for a long, long time.

So there is no confusion, I don’t work at Cloud Imperium (though I’d certainly be interested if they called!)

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