Where the hell have YOU been?

Apologies to everyone who missed my blog entries over the past few months. I expect to be a little more frequent going forward, despite starting a new job August 2013. The point of this entry is not only apologize for being AWOL, but sharing why I haven’t been writing much since April…

Second, I had a time issue. Unfortunately, I’m not paid to write this stuff so I have to work a real job to pay for myStar Citizen addiction. I had back-to-back conferences to attend in May and June. Combined with some volunteer work I do, I have had a hard time making time to write.

First, though, is I was fortunate enough to have some great economy talks with some folks at CIG back in March and April. I was having a hard time figuring out what I could write and not break that confidence and burn a bridge. So while I was busy the past couple of months, this is really the main reason I wasn’t writing. I need to emphasize that CIG never asked me to stop writing. I did that on my own.

The announcement after the June 2013 livestream that we would soon be favored with a major game economy update in early July is exciting news. Not only do we get a much better look at the economy, I will feel like I have much more latitude to write. CIG folks have also noted that they read this blog and if I step over the line on something that should remain REDACTED, they’ll let me know.

So, expect more from this blog going forward…

2 thoughts on “Where the hell have YOU been?

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