About me

In addition to the “What’s an Eidolonius” and “What Makes You an Expert” pages on my website, I’d probably worth mentioning why I have any chops to write about the Star Citizen in-game economy.

A little over a decade ago, I co-created what most believe is the most successful college undergrad entrepreneurship program in the nation. During the 10 years we ran the program, around 90 companies launched either directly out of our 10-week program or came together shortly after from students who took the course. Beyond that, I have:

  • 20 years building innovative business models for a variety of business types
  • 13 years of in-depth business analysis focusing on the tech sector
  • 13 years communicating complex scientific and stock market concepts to broad audiences
  • Nearly 20 years CEO experience between a software company and a market research firm