When you play Wing Commander, you have to choose a pilot call sign. I chose "eidolon". And yes, I am old enough to have played Wing Commander when it was first released.

From the dictionary: eidolon - In ancient Greek literature, an idealized person or thing. A spectre, phantom, apparition, or ghost.

I had come across the term in some long-forgotten sci-fi or fantasy book and remembered it. The idea of my call sign being related to a spectre or phantom slashing through my enemies appealed to me, so I used it.

The very first online game I signed up for, also long forgotten, someone had already chosen "Eidolon". I added the -ious" in honor of the Greek derivation of the word and have been using Eidolonius ever since. You pronounce it: eye-dough-low-knee-us.

Nearly everyone who has gamed with me, however, calls me 'Eido" for short.

Now you know What an 'Eidolonious' is. And knowing is half the battle.

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