The answer to this is pretty much on the front page -- I wanted a place I could refer people to while in chat that would have some basic information. I care enough to do this because I am a huge fan of Chris Roberts and the Star Citizen/Squadron 42 concept.

I believe the Star Citizen universe will revolutionize gaming. Beyond that, if Cloud Imperium Gaming can get the economics of the game correct, I believe it can be a destination universe for millions upon millions of gamers -- and not just people who like having a spaceship joystick between their legs. If you really want to know what I think this can become over the coming years, read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

And if you want to support me for doing this, please send me a Habashaw OIR-9400 haptic immersion rig . Please.

(If you don't know what that is, you need to read Ready Player One.)
After this site being up for a few days, it became clear it might also be useful to have a few recommendations. I've tossed a few in below for your amusement. For purposes of full disclosure, I am an Amazon Associate and if you buy after clicking on the link I get a tiny percentage of that.  
Learn about The OASIS
Best modern keyboard. Period.
Yes, as a matter of fact, I DO have a thing for this book. If you are here because of Star Citizen, you will instantly understand why I like this book so much once you read it. Click the image for more details.
My first computer was an IBM PC. Twin floppoes, EGA monitor, 64K (of course). It had one of the best keyboards ever. My next umpteen computers used that keyboard or a clone as I kept rebuilding it. Sadly, it eventually died. Then I used crap for years until I found the Razer BlackWidow . The gaming features are nice, but the mechanical, tactile keys are fabulous.
Simple gamer mouse
I'll be honest, I rarely use a headset over the ears when gaming. I've got an office and a sound box. I sit the headset around my neck for the mic. This Razer headset is comfy on the neck or over the ears. The sound is great and the mic is nice.
Razer mice, I've learned, are pretty much a love them or hate them thing. I'm on my second, with the first happily doing duty on another computer in the house. I find them precise, durable, and easily customizable. The Razer Imperator is simple, without a ton of buttons.